What is the big deal about meal timing?

Meal timing has got increasing attention lately for its importance in weight loss plans.  Meal timing refers to the time of day, and also the combinations of foods eaten at each meal (food combining).

Eating Late in the Evening

Meal timing is important for everyone to some extent, especially trying to eat the last big meal around sunset or earlier, because our metabolism starts to slow down after the sun goes down and digesting food can be harder and it is also easier to gain weight if you eat late at night.  Eating too close to bedtime also disrupts the sleep pattern and you don’t get as restful a night’s sleep.

Food Combining

For some conditions or issues, food combining is important. An example where food combining can be used to treat symptoms is Irritable Bowel Disease, or IBS.  For more on this and other treatments for IBS, please go to my IBS page and check out my IBS videos on youtube.  Food combining is also important for weight loss. See my article on food combining for details!

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