Dr Dani Gordon MD

CBD, Cannabis Medicine and Integrative Medicine Specialist

Meet Dr Dani


Dr Dani is a double board certified medical doctor, integrative medicine physician and world leading expert in CBD, cannabis medicine,  brain wellness & stress resilience.

She was one of the youngest physicians to become American board certified in Integrative Medicine (the newest US physician subspecialty), co-founded the UK Medical Cannabis Clinicians's Society (MCCS), trained the UK's first cannabis medicine specialists and helped set up the UK's first cannabis medicine centres.

She has lectured at Imperial College, King’s College, and UCL on medical cannabis. She also developed the first medical cannabis training program for physicians in the UK and is a consultant for clinical research in cannabinoid medicine working with top researchers around the world.

She is a published researcher and her book THE CBD BIBLE: Cannabis and the Wellness Revolution That Will Change Your Life. Publication is scheduled for publication on June 11th 2020.

She has studied mindbody medicine at Harvard, yoga and meditation extensively throughout India and southeast Asia with traditional teachers, QEEG brain scanning and EEG neurofeedback brainwave training with the top leaders in North America and was the founder of a neurofeedback centre specializing in burnout, peak mental performance and stress resilience.

She is regularly featured in the Sunday Times, The Guardian, Telegraph, Fast Company, Forbes, BBC radio and has been featured on the BBC and Channel 4 TV.

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Dr Dani and MCCS team delivering medical cannabis guidelines to 10 Downing Street

At the UN in Vienna to speak to UN CND (Commission on Narcotic Drugs) Delegates about cannabis medicine rescheduling

Speaking at the Royal College Of General Practitioners Managing Drugs & Alcohol Problems in Primary Care Conference

Speaking at the Lululemon Sweatlife Wellness festival

Dr Dani's TV Appearances

BBC One Show

TV - Channel 4 Food Unwrapped

Channel 5 News

Radio Appearances

BBC Scotland

BBC London Radio

BBC Radio 5 Live

Speaking Appearances

5th International Psychedelic Conference, UK

The Hemp CBD Expo at National Exhibition Centre

American Integrative Medicine Conference San Diego

Business Insider:  Why CBD is so expensive

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