Peak Performer Brain Frequency Training For Brainfog & Fatigue (Case Study)

In 2014, whilst living in Bali starting Zen Brain Lab (our brain resilience & wellness centre in Bali) I came down with Dengue Fever-for the second time. What that means is that when you get a second strain of Dengue Fever you get REALLY sick–for me this meant I ended up unconscious on the bathroom […]

About Neurofeedback And Neuromeditation

Neurofeedback, also known as brain biofeedback, is a direct way of training and changing the brain using non-invasive safe technology that teaches your brain what to do differently. It is an entire science with 40 years of research and is recognized as the number 1 treatment tool for ADHD recommended by the American Paediatric Association […]

The Sleep Rescue: How to Restore Optimal Sleep and Wake up Feeling Energized

Sleep is the new status symbol-and for good reason. Non-restorative sleep, feeling groggy in the morning and needing an alarm or coffee to wake up, is a problem that dramatically affects how you feel and function every day and modern medicine has no good cure.   Pills have scary side effects and new research is […]

The Secret to Peak Mental Performance Under Pressure

We work longer hours than previous generations, push our brains and bodies harder, all while being exposed to toxic environmental and lifestyle factors that can seriously affect mental and physical performance including: Memory focus & drive Low Energy Premature Aging Hormone balance & Libido (for both men and women) Hack Your Brain, Hack Life by […]

Chronic Fatigue: What Your Doctor Didn’t Tell you

Chronic fatigue, low energy states, adrenal fatigue, CFS and ME are ‘invisible’ problems and in addition to what is often crippling fatigue, brainfog and a variety of body symptoms you have probably also had to deal with the misconceptions of other’s (often your own family members and partners) such as: You are just ‘being lazy’ […]

Toxic Stress & Women’s Hormone Issues

Taking care of your body & mind shouldn’t take hours a day, be confusing and stressful, or require hours of meditation and crazy diets and Modern life isn’t cut out to support and nurture your ‘best’ life-it’s set up to keep you fairly content and distracted. Over-scheduled, multitasking,  being ‘efficient’ and fitting in more things […]

What is Brain Burnout & what causes it?

We all want to wake up happy and energized most days and feel connected to our loved ones and our life’s passions. But modern life and work places incredible demands on our brains and bodies that can wreak havoc on energy levels, mental clarity, productivity, and happiness. The ‘just eat healthy and exercise’ and or […]