It amazes me how many people don’t eat breakfast, or when they do, they eat the wrong thing–which can actually be even WORSE than skipping breakfast alltogether.  I find my breakfast choices fluctuate depending on where I am, what my mood is like, what time of year it is, and whether I start my day with an intensive yoga and meditation routine (most of the time;)

But, My favorites are oatmeal or porridge, poached eggs and sproated grain bread, fruit salad with kefir, and if I’m on the run, a handful of nuts and a piece of fruit.  If I’m short on time, I’ll sacrifice poached eggs (which cannot be rushed to reach perfection lol!) for soft boiled, but with that exception, all of these options take 5 minutes or less to prepare and fuel my brain and body properly for my day!

If you need some help with getting on (or back on!) the breakfast train, this video is a must watch for you!:)  Please let me know h0w your breakfast adventures are going, and your favorite breakfast foods, or any quirky breakfast habits you have (Mine is eating dinner foods sometimes for breakfast, and eggs for dinner;).

Video Transcript
Breakfast really is the most important meal of the
day. Eating a HEALTHY breakfast will get your metabolic fire going so you can BURN MORE CALORIES throughout the day and AVOID bad FOOD CRAVINGS that will make you tired and sluggish feeling
It does matter what you eat for breakfast too. starting the day with something like white toast, or a donut, or a sugary cereal (like the majority of cereasl on the market) disturbs your body’s blood sugar balance and this then messes up your body’s ability to regulate appetite—making you crave MORE BAD food foods and giving you that feeling of never feeling satisfied or full, yet lacking in energy. So you start the day craving bad foods, so you eat bad food for snacks or at lunch, causing more bad craving leading to a vicious cycle of bad eating from which you can never escape!
Ok, so what should you eat? Oats are a great example of a grain and carbohydrate source that gives you slow-burning, long lasting energy. Here are some other options to get you started TOMORROW MORNING:
Whole grain unsweetened cereal
Unsweetened muesli
Add nuts(almonds,walnuts) to cereal or muesli for protein
Add almond or soymilk OR organic plain yoghurt to cereal or muesli for 
Oatmeal and berries (instant oats are ok and ready in 30 seconds!).
Boiled or poached eggs with sprouted grain bread
Breakfast smoothie:mix organic  plain  yoghurt,a  bit of honey, and your 
favourite fruit in a blender. Add ground flax seeds or hemp protein powder for extra protein!
Remember, give your self a chance to get out of the bad craving cycle! My personal favourite breakfast when I an trying to get in shape is simply 2 boiled eggs.
Do you skip breakfast?  Do you notice a difference in your energy levels and cravings when you skip it or eat differently? Leave me a comment below. Leave a comment then I will see you in part 4 where I will talk about how tv and computer screens might be ruining your sleep.

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