Gluten Free Sweets From India!

Indian sweets are a great alternative for a sweet treat for those of you who can’t eat wheat, whether it’s because you are celiac or gluten intolerant, like with IBS.  That’s because most of them are made with lentil flour, not wheat!  And although these gluten free sweets are high calorie, they are very satisfying–they’re what I call a ‘full sweet’ meaning they send the signal to your brain that you are satisfied after just a few bites (because they are made with fresh ghee, a less allergenic form of butter for those who usually have an intolerance to dairy–not including those with true allergy).  Unlike what I call ’empty sweet’  desserts/junk food like candy bars, which sends the opposite signal–ie. I want MORE– leads to binging!  Many recipes for Indian sweets also use honey as the main sweetener, and virutally none of them contain my enemy #1: High Fructose Corn Syrup, which gives them another tick in the box of acceptable occasional indulgences:)

So you’ll just need a bite or 2 to get your sweet tooth ‘fix’ without compromising your waistline–just beware only to eat a little–these little guys are super calorie dense!

I’m going to take you guys to a local sweets shop here in India to show you what’s available and what they look like,  but if you are watching this back in the west, you can find these desserts in most cities, I have my favorite Indian sweet shop in Vancouver Canada, with lots of great goodies to try!



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