If you’re struggling with symptoms like toxic stress, chronic fatigue, brain burnout, brainfog, anxiety & overwhelm or mystery health symptoms that don’t seem to fit together, I can help you.

I specialize in developing programs to address complex root causes of health symptoms that have proven difficult to solve and involve multiple brain and body systems getting out of balance.

Often people get many diagnoses and all the symptoms may seem unrelated but they all involve an overwhelmed nervous system and using a ‘brain down body up’ approach is normally the only way to effectively resolve these issues.

This nervous system component is why western medicine pill approaches and natural approaches like supplements alone rarely solve these issues, and why symptoms such as pms and anxiety (for women) and low testosterone and burnout (for men) although seemingly unrelated, actually fit together as part of a bigger picture.

If you are struggling with any of the above, you need:

  • To understand the root of the problem and ‘connect all the dots’
  • A roadmap to remove the confusion and action steps to get results
  • Answers and guidance from someone with an evidence based, holistic approach with top qualifications.

These complex issues are difficult to solve and need more than a nutrition coach, yoga teacher, meditation app or conventional medical doctor.

I have over 10 years of experience helping people like you with these problems to transform their energy, mood, health and brain resilience.

Areas I Specialize In

  • Chronic fatigue & adrenal fatigue
    I can help you increase your energy, reduce your fatigue and brainfog and help heal your adrenals naturally so you can expand your life again free of chronic exhaustion and not feel held back.
  • Burnout Prevention
    I can help you avoid burning out now so you don’t have to quit your career, go on sick leave or change professions
  • Burnout Recovery
    If you are already in later stages of burnout and have had to go on sick leave or change course, I can help you recover fully so you can reclaim your life
  • Anxiety & Overwhelm
    I can help you break the anxiety cycle, worry loops and toxic stress so you thrive in your relationships, work and life
  • Low mood & Motivation
    I can help you get more positive moods, feel happier, and increase the brain motivation to do the things you really want to do.
  • Women’s Health & Hormone Balance Issues
    I can help you recover from nightmare periods and pms, balance your emotions, energy, reduce food cravings and reclaim balance without using drugs or the Pill
  • Sleep Issues
    I can help you get deep restorative sleep consistently back in your life if you suffer with non restorative sleep, early morning waking or trouble getting to sleep
  • Digestion issues
    Chronic digestion issues like IBS are related to the brain-gut axis and I use a non-drug approach to helping restore normal digestion in people who suffer with bloating, food intolerances and irritable gut related issues

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Comprehensive Assessment And Plan

  • 75 minute appointment done via video consultation with Dr. Dani
  • Comprehensive Integrative Wellness Assessment
  • Customized eating & supplement recommendations
  • Targeted mindbody techniques based on your symptoms, assessment and goals
  • Lifestyle plan-how to set up your day, your routines and your life to your unique needs using a brain-based approach.
  • Detailed Answers & Roadmap: Answering individual detailed questions that may be unique to you and a roadmap to your success
  • Optional QEEG Brain assessment (For London clients)



For more information, please email the team.

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