If you are like me, and want to know FOR SURE that what you are eating and buying at the grocery store is free of GMO ingredients, than this news will be a glimmer of hope for being able to soon shop at a nationwide store for those times when you can’t always make it to a local farmers market, and still know you are eating GMO free foods.  This is great news for busy people who can’t always make it out to local farm or market, or who just don’t have that option available in the winter months period!

Whole Foods, the US and Canada’s biggest chain of upmarket supermarkets specializing in organic foods and natural health products just announced the company will require all genetically engineered foods (GMO foods) sold in their stores  to be labeled by 2018! They are the first National supermarket chain to take the plunge and take a stand against unlabeled GMO foods and ingredients on the shelves.  This is for both their US and Canadian stores, and they are even including meat that was FED GMO feed–so taking it one step back in the food chain–great news for any meat eaters out there;
Now I know what some of you guys out there are thinking–big deal–that’s 5 whole years away, or that it doesn’t erase the company’s past ‘sins’ but I still think it’s progress that a ‘Big Food’ company is taking notice of what us consumers want and making it possible for us all to know EXACTLY what we are putting into our bodies!  And, while it’s true that a big company like Whole Foods has more than enough money to make this happen and it should just really be a ‘no brainer’ the fact is that they are still the only big food chain so far to do it–I’m crossing my fingers that others will follow suit!

And just a note for anyone who thinks I’m plugging Whole Foods, or that I am somehow connected to them–I’m not don’t worry I haven’t sold out on you guys:). In fact, I still would rather shop at my local farmers market for most of my groceries (and I do!) than go to Whole Foods, but sometimes, it’s not always possible, and I do live part time downtown in a big city, leading a busy modern life and on the occasion where I can’t go ‘grassroots’, I can be found getting a shot of wheat grass or picking up a lunch on the go at my local Whole Foods-it’ way better than most of the other choices out there!

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