Yoga for Better Digestion & IBS Part 2

This is part 2 of my Yoga for Digestion Series and I’m going to be talking about the series in Yoga called Pawanmuktasana Part 2, and 3 simple poses from this series you should be doing every day if you suffer from constipation or poor digestion.  It is a yoga warm up series that is part of traditional Hatha Yoga, and traditionally these poses are done before the actual asana poses to warm up the body and tone the abdomen and organs.

The ancient yoga method of normalizing digestion that still works today.  This specific group of  exercises in Pawanmuktasan Part 2 was used to strengthen the digestive system.

Benefits on Digestion and Overall Health

In modern language, that means if you suffer from bloating, constipation or chronic tummy pain for example, in IBS, that this is great gentle method great for yoga newbies to help improve your digestion and normalize the digestive system so it works smoothly and isn’t sluggish, which leads to constipation.

This group of 3 poses massages your internal organs and your intestines, helping to propel the food through your system at the proper speed and helping your body remove toxins.

The first of the 3 poses also helps tone your abdominal muscles to keep your core healthy and strong, which is a huge help if you suffer with chronic muscular backache, and also helps you keep your posture tall so you can BREATHE correctly, aerate your lungs and relieve tension and anxiety just with your normal breath.  So, lots of good reasons even besides improving digestion and alleiviating constipation to do these 3 easy poses each morning or evening at home.

Using Ayurveda to Improve DigestionIn Ayurveda, this series was used to relieve conditions of Vata imbalance, one the te 3 doshas that if out of balance can lead to poor digestion and constipation.  Knowing your dosha can help guide you in knowing if a Vata imbalance may be an issue for you.  You can find your Dosha using my Dosha Diagnosis Tool Here.

As always, if you have any medical problems, always talk to your doc first before starating any new physical activity, espically for this one if you have heart iissues, high blood pressure or back problems like disc injuries or sciatica, as these exercises can put strain on the lower back if you have a weakness here already and don’t have the ab strength to protect your back.  For healthy peeple, these exercises are generally very safe and great for most people;)

Resident Yogi and Hypnotherapist Nick Cole is going to demo for you 3 key exercises from this Pawanmuktasana series, so do these 3 together each day if you suffer from IBS, especailly IBS-C, sluggish digestion, bloating or constipation to help get your digestion working smoothly again!



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