This post is about feeling beautiful, not ‘when you lose those ten pounds,’ or some magical moment in the future where all of your ‘worst’ parts are ‘fixed’ but RIGHT NOW, the way you are. It’s about how to have a positive body image. Now, you may be saying, oh, easy for you to say, you don’t have [insert your supposed worst feature here].

The Truth About The ‘Perfect Body’

But the truth is, no one things themselves to have the ‘perfect’ body-were all our own worst critics! Society does constantly bombard us woman (and men) with scarily skinny girls, Photoshopped models and sets a pretty ridiculous standard based on images that are not even real–they’ve all been edited after hours of hair and make up! But, we have still have a choice to start feeling beautiful and start loving ourselves, every inch–right now, in the imperfectness that is more beautiful than anything Photoshop can do to us!

I was reminded of this by a post from Taryn Brumfitt, a writer, speaker and advocate for women’s positive body image of her groundbreaking ‘before and after’ but her ‘before is actually her fitness model bikini shot, when she was fitness model but hated her body and her ‘after’ shot was her recent nude photo of herself, looking curvy, healthy and full of vitality, not just ‘ok’ with her curves but loving them.

So yes, the media images we face each day can be tough to fight when you are trying to love your body how it is right now, but it is possible and you will start attracting amazing people to you as soon as you harness the power of your beauty–inside and out–that you already have in front of you.

First Step To Changing Your Body Image

First step to starting to love the skin you’re currently inhabiting is stand in front of a full length mirror and smile at yourself, a real smile, from your heart, and think of all the great stuff your body does for you each day.

It sounds cheesy I know, but if you do this each day, you’ll really start feeling it. I’ll share some of the things I say to myself when I do this:

Even my weight fluctuates between 5-10 pounds depending on the season, what kind of exercise I’m doing, and what’s going on in my life. I’ve learned to make peice with this range, and how to feel great no matter where I’m at in it. And because I believe it, other people do too!

Here in India, I’ve also been studying more Ayurveda, and learning more about how to use your Dosha to feel amazing on the inside and out. Your Dosha is your mindbody type, and it’s a way of understanding how your body was meant to be naturally, as well as the best foods, ways of exercising and your emotional style too!

I’ve created my own Dosha Diagnosis Tool I use with my clients to help them discover theirs so they can start getting in tune with their bodies, and I’m sharing it with you here because I get asked so often about it!

So you can download it now for FREE and start using the information you get to ‘get’ yourself better, start loving your body and your whole self even more, just the way you are!

Yours In health,

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