I’m bringing back this Video that was shot at our home in Bali last year talking about noni juice benefits and how to make noni juice because I’ve recently had lots of questions about Noni and yesterday one of my good friends, who is currently in Bali on a photo assignment became ill with ‘Bali Belly’ and called for advice.  She didn’t want to take antibiotics unless really necessary, so I told her how to use Noni fruit for her tummy bug and apparently it worked like a charm by her report back today!

Noni Juice- Food Of The Gods

Noni juice is now widely avaialable in the west too in health food stores and it’s called the Food of the Gods for good reason-it’s an antibacterial AND antiaging powerhouse that if you can get your hands on it to drink every day, will make your skin glow and make you feel amazing.

I miss having my fresh noni tree in my Balinese garden (sigh!).  It is also used in Ayurvedic Medicine, the Indian Science of Life & traditional medicine system still used today in India, that treats illness and prevents disease and supports Vitality by balancing your Dosha, or mindbody Type.

To find out your Dosha, take the Dosha Diagnosis to find yours today so you can see what are the best foods, environments, exercise and herbs for your type to keep you healthy and balanced!


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