In this video, I’ll tell you what can cause stomach problems and disorders when all the tests come back normal. Stomach acid problems and heartburn have become an epidemic in the west. Sometimes heartburn is related to a bug in the stomach called h pylori, that can be tested for and treated, but often times this is not the culprit, it’s an acid dysregulation issue instead.

Stomach Acid and Heartburn

If we have too much stomach acid or too little stomach acid, problems like heartburn or feeling a ‘lump’ in the upper stomach after eating can result. Did you know that acid balance in the stomach is actually related to the brain and control of the branch of your nervous system called the ANS, or autonomic nervous system?

Chew More!

Because we often eat quickly in our fast paced modern lives, when we eat quickly not enough salivary amylase is produced by not chewing enough, eating too much and too often. Eating before fully waking up in the morning can also result in not enough acid to break down our food, and result in insufficient digestive enzyme action.

Stress and Stomach Acid

On the other end of the scale, chronic stress can activate parts of the brain in the limbic system that send messages to the stomach to make more acid, and too much acid results in burning pain and heartburn and can even lead to ulcers in the stomach.

Practical Solutions

The solution to both too much and too little acid and enzymes is in rebalancing the ANS that controls this element of digestion. There a number of ways of doing this through gut-focused relaxation training, cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy and digestive yoga and breathing techniques such as Nadi Shodhana

So as you can see, if you suffer from too much or too little stomach acid, the key is working with your nervous system to restore balance to the gut and to your overall body and brain so you can reclaim health and happiness naturally!

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