Video Transcript

Most of us need to RE LEARN how to BREATHE. Most of us breathe very shallowly and don’t aerate, or get air into, the lower parts of our lungs. When we are well-oxygenated, our bodies and minds work more efficiently
The Diaphragm is the biggest muscle in our body and is our breathing muscle. If we don’t exercise our diaphragm muscle, it gets weak just like any other
muscle. When it is weak, we cannot move it effectively to optimize our breathing. Breathing using our diaphragms not only increases the amount of Oxygen we breathe in, it also increases our metabolism so it BURNS MORE CALORIES when we breathe correctly. When you start to breathe correctly you will also have more energy throughout your day‘’
There are different types of breathing techniques for different uses: to relax vs to energize and i will show you these different techniques in future videos but put simply, if the exhalation is longer than the inhalation, the para sympathetic nervous system is activated which puts the body into the relaxation resposns, rest and digest mode. If the inhalation is longer than the exhaltion, the sympathetic nervous system is activated, energixing us and puttings us into flight or flight. SO a longer exhaltion ro relax, longer inhalation to energize. Most people are pretty stressed out so will want to focus on extending their exhaltlioin.
I use a simple relaxation breathing technique called The healing breath in the office when my stress levels get high, and always look so relaxed after I do it that both my patients and my office staff comment on how ‘happy’ I look! I have started teaching the healing breath to my patients and they always are amazed at how they AUTOMATICALLY and INSTANTLY feel more relaxed and happier!
Try experimenting with your breathing now. Try it for 2 minutes breathing deeply but extending either the inhalation or the exhalaltion and  Leave a comment below and let me know how it worked for you. Then I will see you In part 3 this series,where  I’ll talk about why it is vital to eat a healthy breakfast.

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