Easy Diet for Irritable Bowel Syndrome Tips: How You can use your own knowledge of your body and foods to Get Relief from IBS:

  1. Question: First, ask yourself the following question: What IBS diet/IBS food strategies have you already tried?  How rigorously did you stick to it?  And for how long?  If you didn’t give an adequate trial, you may want to retry employing some IBS diet tactics!
  2. Question: Do you think your case of IBS is more of a dietary problem, or a combo of influences from other factors? (i.e. do your find your symptoms are really worsened by stress?).  You already have in your possession valuable knowledge about your IBS symptoms–DIG DEEP and really consider what YOU think your biggest triggers are that make your IBS symptoms worse or better.
  3. Eat Warm Foods.  This applies to temperature, and also to the energetics of certain foods and ways of cooking.  Stews are warming, as are spices such as turmeric and ginger, while raw foods, salads, and spices like mint are considered ‘cooling’
  4. Eat smaller more frequent meals.  The body often tolerates food better when it has to process smaller amounts at a time, and therefore has more ‘digestive power’ available.  Eating small meals with only 3 foods is better than mixing many foods and flavours in the same meal.
  5. Practice Good Food Combining Principles: Eat Fruit on it’s own, especially citrus.  Citrus can sometimes be a food trigger or gut irritant, but if you do want to try eating it, it is best to EAT the whole fruit ON ITS OWN, not juice it, which is usually more irritating to the gut
  6. Try NOT to combine breads and starches with animal products (i.e. have your chicken burger without the bun, avoid eating a big steak with potatoes at the same meal)
  7. Keep a food diary.  What you eat, when, how much as well as how you feel after eating certain foods and your IBS symptoms.

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