Working with IBS sufferers, one of the most painful and stressful symptoms of IBS is the crampy, ‘spasm’ pain,  and this symptom is not well treated by drugs.  But, as multiple studies have now proven to be true, peppermint oil pills can be really helpful for this symptom, and I’ve seen complete elimination of the crampy pain after using this.  Often people say they’ve tried peppermint oil before and it hasn’t helped them, often it’s because they aren’t using the right kind, the one that is enteric coated so it doesn’t get degraded in the stomach.

Triphala is my other secret weapon for another major IBS symptom, constipation!  It really works wonders for many people, when taken correctly.  I’m going to shoot another video just on triphala in more detail soon because I get sooo many questions about this herb, but this video is a great intro to both peppermint oil and triphala and how to make them work for you!

Video Transcript
The first herb of interest for IBS is enteric coated peppermint Oil.  There are multiple highest level of evidence research studies, including a 2010 study in the journal of Digestive Diseases and Sciences, proving that a special kind of peppermint oil, called enteric coated peppermint oil is a safe and effective IBS treatment, getting rid of belly pain,spasm, and discomfort specifically as well as improving all IBS symptoms overall after 8 weeks of use.

I have also had good results personally using this with patients to relieve IBS symptoms of pain and bloating.

An ayurvedic herb used for improving digestive symptoms and constipation which is particulary effective is called Triphala. it  is a combo of the extracts from three different trees native to India. It is very effective for constipation symptoms in IBS and is safe to use over a long period of time, unlike many laxatives that can cause the gut to get dependant on them.

I have personally used triphala when I have had constipation in the past and swear by it. It is my go-to tool I use for IBS patients with IBS consitpation symptons and it delivers great results with no side effects.

There is yet to be a large well-done north american study using ayurvedic herbs, likely due to their unfamiliarity in the west, however there is a recent well-done placebo-controlled study by medical researchers from a well regarded Indian university on Triphala.  They compared the effects of triphala vs. placebo in 160 patients with IBS symptoms of chronic constipation and showed that it was highly effective in relieving constipation and bowel discomfort with no no side effects.

This is a very significant result, and now, the department of Integrative Medicine at Beth Israel hospital in Boston, one of the world’s leading medical centres, is educating western doctors about triphala’s usefulness in IBS.


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