If you’ve ever wondered why people who eat really ‘clean’ healthy diets often gush about Kale or raw ginger tasting so amazing, while you’re still not convinced?  It’s because what you eat affects you taste buds and how your brain responds to certain foods!

That’s why it’s way harder at the beginning to cut out sugar and cookies and desserts and eat lots of raw greens until you adapt to actually enjoying them.  But it will happen I can promise you!

My Fiance is living proof–he’s gone from having Coca Cola cravings to having wheat grass cravings (seriously!) since we met and I got him on my healthy food train.  Now him and his taste buds are hooked but at first he couldn’t figure out why I kept saying things like wheat grass tasted so good, or how I could polish off a bunch of raw kale as a snack at the farmers market before we even got it home!

So, if you’re having trouble kicking your junk food habit, watch this video now and tell me your story about trying to retrain your taste buds!


Dr Dani Gordon MD
Dr Dani Gordon MD

Dr Dani is a double board certified medical doctor, integrative medicine physician and world leading expert in CBD, cannabis medicine and brain wellness. She is a leading advocate for evidence based natural medicine and mindbody medicine and her mission it to help you thrive in modern life.