Yoga for Digestion Part 1: The Lying Twist:

If you suffer from sluggish digestion, constipation and bloating after you eat, than doing some gentle yoga twists each day can help speed up your digestion and help you banish the bloat!  Often in our culture, we want a quick fix for these very common problems of tummy upset, bloating and constipation and pills seem like the best option.  However, a key factor in all digestive disorders, like IBS and IBD is chronic stress, and doing a daily Mindbody practice, including yoga, can help fight the nasty effects of this low-grade chronic stress on your nervous system and your gut, and alleviate your symptoms!

Lack of Energy & Chronic Constipation: The Link

One of the issues with constipation is lack of energy, that can be both a cause and a result of chronic constipation.  If we are constantly depleted from our body’s energy reserves, our nervous system balance between the 2 arms: the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems gets out of whack–leading to one of 2 extremes: constipation or diarrhea OR alternating between the two!  Daily stresses, worries and anxieties can cause the depletion of energy over many months and years and can creep up so sneakily you don’t notice until you have a major digestive issue on your hands!  The goal is to get the stress back under control, by doing Mindbody practices like yoga, hypnotherapy, meditation, etc so that the stresses you have to face every day don’t wreak havoc on your tummy or your nerves!

The Lying Twist For IBS Relief & More Energy

I really like this pose because it is considered a ‘passive’ asana, meaning it won’t deplete your energy further to do it–in fact doing it will actually give you more energy and leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed!  It’s perfect if you find yourself chronically tired at the end of the workday, to help you unwind and relax into your evening and will help get your digestion back on track!

Which Way to Twist First..

If you suffer from constipation, you want to twist left knee over to the right first, so that you are compression your right belly first, and then your left side second, because you want to encourage the forward motion of waste from your right colon to your left colon to be expelled from your body.

It does take time for the yoga to take effect, but if you do a bit each day, you’ll start to see the effects in a few weeks or sooner!  I give clients customized yoga programs, but there are some general poses that everyone with digestive issues can start with.  As always, if you have any medical problems, always talk to your doc first before starting any new physical activity, especially for this one if you have heart issues or high blood pressure or disc problems in the back.


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