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Toxic Thoughts Negatively Impact the Immune System

Today I’m going to tell you how to improve the immune system by eliminating toxic thoughts throughout your day. Toxic thoughts, negative emotions, worry and negative self talk actually impacts how your immune cells talk to each other. It also directly impacts how well they can fight off invaders like viruses that cause colds and flus. It is often hard to believe that something so seemingly unrelated as negative self-talk, negative thoughts or worries could harm your immune system. No one talks about it when you go to the doctor. The fact is it can actually make you physically ill and the research proves it. This is because worry, negative thinking spirals and fear based thinking actually changes your brain. It activates brain stress loops in areas like the amygdala. The brain then sends signals to the immune system that weaken your immune cells.

 Step 1: Acknowledge You Have An Issue

To stop this vicious cycle the first step is to acknowledge that it is an issue for you. Once you have accepted this link, you can convince your brain to take action to stop it! The next step is start making time each day for a guided relaxation practice focusing on immunity. Something called Yoga Nidra is a great tool to help you do this. Yoga Nidra is a powerful way of training the brains relaxation response out of worry loops. It also helps strengthen positive neural networks instead.

Step 2: Schedule 15 Mins a Day For Relaxing Meditation

Scheduling in 15 minutes each day, after dinner in the evenings for Listening to a Yoga Nidra recording in a quiet calm space in your home is a really powerful way to start working on the subconscious toxic thought patterns that can sabotage you secretly. I do this myself why I do my evening yoga practice and it works wonders!

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