I’m Bringing back our Healing Breath Video because it continues to be an ALL-Time favorite among my clients and readers, and it really is a super easy, quick and simple way to activate your body’s Relaxation Response.

The Relaxation Response is an actual physiologic state our bodies are capable of–just like our body’s “Fight or Flight’ state but OPPOSITE to it!

The Relaxation Response is something not many people, even most regular doctors even know exists!  It was discovered by a famous Harvard Medical Doctor named Herbert Benson, a pioneer in this field and a leader I had the honor of working with recently.

So if you are stressed, do this breathing practice 10 reps in the morning before you get out of bed AND at night, when you are preparing for sleep and let me know how it goes–I’ll bet you’ll see a huge change in a week or even sooner in your ability to calm your body and brain in only seconds!

Leave a comment and let me know how it worked for you!

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