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In this video, I am going to focus on gut irritating foods.
Gut irritating foods are things that irritate the gut in most people– these things can cause some belly upset, discomfort, and bloating, even in people WITHOUT IBS , SO, It makes sense then that if people with IBS will be even more sensitive to these foods and ingredients and these items will probably be IBS triggers.

Some foods and ingredients are irritating because they take lots of digestive power and enzymes to digest, whereas other things on this list are acidic or spicy and can cause inflammation or swelling in the gut lining or  our ‘skin on the inside’ that lines our digestive tract.

Here is my list of the most Common Gut irritating foods and substances in IBS
●Fried food such as french fries, chips, fried meat or chicken, etc
●High fat foods (especially animal fats like burgers and bacon)
●Caffeine drinks and foods: like coffee, soda, energy drinks, tea, dark chocolate
●Cigarette smoke (including second-hand smoke)
●Spicy foods, hot spices and herbs like hot peppers, chili powder, hot sauce,
●Refined Sugar–both the stuff you put in coffee/tea and the sugar already in packaged
●Artificial sweeteners- like you find in sugar free gum and diet sodas
●Acidic foods: i.e.. Citrus fruits (lemons, oranges, grapefruits, etc),
●Onions (especially raw)
●Foods with tons of fibre (especially if bloating is a main symptom)– like Wheat
BRAN you find in cereals and in fibre cookies,
fibrous vegetables like Kale, spinach, collard greens, broccoli

I’d love to hear about what IBS food triggers you have found or anything you have found that triggers your IBS symptoms. Just leave a comment below and I will try and talk about the most common ones in more detail or any other triggers that I have not mentioned in another video.

Ok, so that’s the scoop on gut irritating foods to avoid in IBS and I’ll see you for part three of this series where we’ll talk about foods that are good for IBS and what you can eat–don’t worry theres plenty to choose from!

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