IBS, or Irritable Bowel Syndrome is REALLY hard to treat with conventional medicine drugs, but I’ve had huge successes treating it using an Integrative Medicine Approach, and most of these things are things that you can start doing TODAY, at home, to start seeing significant changes in just a few weeks and be able to start taking control back over your bod and your tummy!  If this sounds familiar, this video is a must-watch, and I’ll show you 7 simple things you can start doing TODAY for IBS!


Video Transcript

Cut out Dairy and Lactose.   Lactose is a type of sugar that’s in dairy products.  It is in milk, ice cream, and yogurt, as well as in many packaged foods–like baked goods for example so check the ingredients list.  Lactose is hard for some people’s digestive tract to process and leads to lots of bloating and gas.  Cows milk, cows yoghurt and cows milk cheeses are the worst culprits–i.e. they have the most lactose compared to Goats milk, yoghurt and goat cheese, which have less lactose than cow dairy products.   So, if you are a really cheese or dairy addict, even just switching to goats milk dairy products can make you have less bloating, pain and gas by just avoiding the cows milk dairy products.  Even if you have been tested for lactose intolerance and been in the clear, dairy can still be a trigger for your IBS symptoms because some people can actually develop a type of allergy or intolerance to dairy.
Find your food triggers.  Many top studies on IBS now recognize the huge role foods play in IBS.  Some foods are triggers because they are irritating to the lining of your gut, like spicy foods, whereas others produce lots of intestinal gas, like some forms of sugars and veggies, and others still cause IBS symptoms by causing a type of gut allergy or intolerance.   It is very important to discover what foods, drinks and substances that pass your lips are causing your symptoms to flare so you can take control over IBS and understand your body better!  Which brings me to my next point..
Keep a food diary Keeping a daily record of what you eat, when you eat it, and when you have IBS symptoms will help you discover your food triggers specific to you.  After you know what foods make you worse, you can choose to reduce these things in your diet, or if you do choose to eat them, you will understand what is causing you to have a flare.

Rebalance gut flora with probiotics.  I will be talking about probiotics in detail in a future video.  In IBS, the digestive tract has an unhealthy balance of gut bacteria that are the cause of many IBS symptoms.  Using probiotics and foods, it is possible to restore healthy gut flora, or bacteria and get rid of these symptoms.
Get out of Chronic Stress Mode.  Most of us live in a state of chronic stress all the time without knowing it–we just don’t know any different so we don’t realize how stressed we really are.  This chronic stress mode actually has an enormous effect on our digestion and learning how to activate the relaxation response in the body every day can solve this issue and get healthy digestion back!
Retrain the brain-belly connection with hypnotherapy.  The Brain and your digestive tract are very connected by hormones and by your nervous system, and by actually re-training your brain, you can eliminate digestive problems like bloating, diarrhea and belly pain that are part of IBS.  We can do this using special IBS hypnotherapy which the latest research has proven works really well for controlling IBS.
Take IBS herbs.  My top 2 proven herbs with loads of high level research to back them up are Enteric coated peppermint oil, which is a specific kind of peppermint oil and triphala, an Indian Ayrvedic herb


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