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My number one get healthy tip is Avoid White Flour.  Yep, out of all the possible tips out there, I chose white flour as my number one target and you might be asking what’s the big deal??  Well, White flour is the most nutritionally useless and harmful staple that us in the western world consume each day.  It’s in everything from bread and baked goods to packaged foods and snacks and our bodies become ‘addicted’ to it because of the quick sugar fix and spike in blood sugar it gives us. .
It has no fibre so it makes you constipated (can’t poop) and doesn’t keep you feeling full for as long as whole grains so it will make you gain weight especially around your tummy.

It is high on the Glycemic Index, so it gives you a blood sugar ‘high’ first, and then a low, which will leave you CRAVING MORE REFINED FOOD and SUGAR!
• It is BAD for your IMMUNE SYSTEM. It is highly refined and is an INFLAMMATORY FOOD, kills your body’s IMMUNE SYSTEM and leaves it open to threats from bacteria, viruses and cancer cells.
It AGES YOU–again this is because it is an INFLAMMATORY FOOD- So, the inflammatory effects actually makes your skin sag and makes u wrinkly quicker.

The food companies are sneaky– the label may just say ‘wheat flour,’ (Which makes you think that it is WHOLE WHEAT but it ISNT–it is just advertising to confuse you into thinking it’s healthy–‘wheat flour’ is still WHITE FLOUR and should be avoided in foods when there is an option to choose WHOLE GRAIN versions instead.

Ok, so bottom line for shopping in order to avoid white flour is unless it says 100% whole grain or you can see the ingredients, assume it is ‘White.’ flour!
My partner used to suffer from poor concentration, bad food cravings and mood swings and had been diagnosed with ADHD as a child. When we met i helped him cut out white flour despite his skepticism. In only 2 weeks, he had DOUBLED his length of time he could focus and concentrate. The result was he could get things done much quicker and with half the effort and energy as before!

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