In this video, I’ll tell you why digestive problems don’t just affect your belly but your overall health including your mental and emotional health and what to do to get back on track feeling happy and healthy. In every major traditional medicine system, such as taoism, Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, digestion is the most important body process to regulate and keep healthy to avoid major health problems of the physical body as well as the brain and emotional problems.


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Gut Inflammation Symptoms

The reason for this is that when your gut lining is damaged and inflamed from stress, foods and environmental influences, the immune system of the gut becomes dysfunctional, and adverse reactions to many substances can develop, as well as pain, bloating and fatigue.

Mood and Energy Levels

The other major thing that is affected by an injured gut is the production of substances that affect mood and energy levels, such as serotonin, which is your happy peptide in the brain, but actually 95% of it is made in your gut!

So as you can see, if your gut lining is damaged and inflamed, it can be the cause for many symptoms including low mood, fatigue and belly symptoms and repairing your gut lining is the most important step towards reclaiming your health and happiness

Make Small Changes

So the first step to start healing your digestion is making small changes to your daily diet. There are often some top dietary culprits that keep inflammation going in the gut and in the entire body. So you should cut out caffeine, bread, sugar and milk for a period of time.

The second change to your routine has to do with changing your habits about HOW you eat, when you eat and working on the state of your brain and nervous system at meal time.

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You can overcome the health issues that are holding you back from the freedom of feeling amazing every day.



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