CBD v THC: The difference between THC and CBD

THC v CND: today we’re gonna be talking about the difference between CBD and THC let’s get to the bottom of it get the big words out of the way and just tell you in plain English what it actually means for you okay so let’s just get the big words out of the way THC stands for it tetrahydrocannabinol and CBD to use stands for cannabidiol so it doesn’t really matter that you know these terms just think about it as CBD v THC it’s just a short form so most people know about THC because it gets them high it’s the part of the plant that can make people feel intoxicated from cannabis but it does so much more than just that but one of the main things in my practice when people come to see me for cannabis medicine to treat an illness or to help with their health they’re really worried a lot of times though getting high they don’t want to feel out of control because a lot of times when they have a chronic illness they’re already feeling out of control in their life so they’re really really scared that they’re gonna feel high all day when they take CBD even or cannabis medicine sometimes they don’t even know the difference so what I usually do is I start with explaining about what CBD does what THC does and how they can actually even work together in some cases okay so we’ve already established CBD doesn’t get you high let’s talk about THC first for a second so THC it works on your brain receptors called the cb1 cannabinoid receptors and it works in places in the brain like the hippocampus learning and memory which is why it can cause short-term memory impairment temporarily when you have really high amounts of THC for example smoking it recreationally which again is not what we do with cannabis medicine it can also affect balance centers in the brain which is in the cerebellum so with high high doses of THC recreationally we can get a lot of these symptoms however in really small doses and when it’s used medically and I turned it up over a period of time for some people who might need it like in severe chronic pain for example THC also has a lot of medicinal qualities that we can use one of these qualities is this called an antispasmodic which means that helps this muscle spasm it may also have anti-seizure mechanism control in addition to what CBD can do we can also use it to help stimulate appetite and people who are going through cancer treatments and have lost their appetite for example and THC can also be used to help with treatment-resistant insomnia or really bad sleeping problems again usually in combination with CBD sometimes we try CBD first and if it doesn’t work we add a little bit of THC so there’s lots of different effects of THC in the brain.

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