Why Yoga At Home Is Better For Your Health Than Studio Yoga

If you think that you have to spend years doing yoga or go to a led yoga class 5 days a week to get all the benefits of yoga think again!  The latest research tells us that developing a simple home yoga routine is the biggest yoga-related predictor of better health and all of these benefits are FREE.       In […]

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Karma Yoga: The Brain Science of Yoga for Happiness

So when most people think about yoga, they think about sweating it out in short shorts in an urban yoga studio. But the traditional system of yoga that was created in Ancient India was an entire system of living designed to keep people mentally and physically fit and prevent illness of the brain and the body because […]

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How much Of Our Brains Do We Use | Yoga & Meditation Can Help You Use It Better

After the movie “Lucy” came out, many more people are asking the question, how much of our brains DO we really use?  Is it a myth that we only use 10%?  And the answer is YES!  It is a total myth.    Many neuroscientists have been interviewed recently about this issue and as Dr. Barry Gordon, […]

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How to Stop Negative Thoughts & the Negativity Bias: Getting ‘Unstuck’ from Negative Thinking

Have you ever wondered why it  is harder to ‘shake off’ a failure or getting bad news even if you have good stuff happen to you on the same day? And if why you’re having an awesome day and then one bad thing happens that things tend to look a lot less rosy all of […]

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How To Stop Stress & Enter Your Brain’s FLOW State

If you are a normal human who juggles work, friends, social life, fitness and me time, you are no stranger to stress and the occasional self doubt episode when feeling overwhelmed makes you question, like your WHOLE LIFE PLAN!    And living in the modern world with a constant ‘background noise of daily mental threats’ our […]

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How To Meditate Properly: Why Binge Meditating Does Not Work

Research is now showing us that it doesn’t matter how many years you have been meditating or how long each day you practice.  What matters is consistency—doing a bit every day!   How Meditating Ever Day Just A Little Bit Starts To Change Your Brain And the reason this works so well is that we […]

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Why Yoga for Digestion Heals Stomach Problems, Constipation and Diarrhea

In this video I’m going to tell you the best yoga poses for digestion, give you a five minute series you can do anytime to help digestion and also tell you why they can help to restore balance to your digestive health. Yoga For Constipation The best yoga poses for digestion are practices that help […]

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Mindfulness Meditation: ‘Name it To Tame it’

Mindfulness, being ‘present’ not getting ‘attached’ –these are common phrases we now hear on a daily basis but what do they really mean??  And  how do you get to become more mindful exactly and most importantly, why should you devote effort into trying? Mindfulness and your brain Mindfulness meditation is just a technique to help […]

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