How To Have A Positive Body Image: No Dieting Required

This post is about feeling beautiful, not ‘when you lose those ten pounds,’ or some magical moment in the future where all of your ‘worst’ parts are ‘fixed’ but RIGHT NOW, the way you are. It’s about how to have a positive body image. Now, you may be saying, oh, easy for you to say, […]

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The Motivation Secret: Emotional Habits Of Successful Weight Loss

It’s impossible to rationally convince someone to get ‘motivated’-Emotion is the only true ‘intrinsic’ motivator for humans! What do I mean by that? Well, most of us can relate to having a friend who we really want to help lose weight, or find the right kind of partner, but despite our best intentions to help […]

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Gluten Free Sweets From India You Have to Try (esp. if you’re Celiac or Gluten Intolerant)

Gluten Free Sweets From India! Indian sweets are a great alternative for a sweet treat for those of you who can’t eat wheat, whether it’s because you are celiac or gluten intolerant, like with IBS.  That’s because most of them are made with lentil flour, not wheat!  And although these gluten free sweets are high […]

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How What You Eat Makes Your Taste Buds Change

If you’ve ever wondered why people who eat really ‘clean’ healthy diets often gush about Kale or raw ginger tasting so amazing, while you’re still not convinced?  It’s because what you eat affects you taste buds and how your brain responds to certain foods! That’s why it’s way harder at the beginning to cut out […]

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Wheat Belly–Is it All Hype (and wheat belly diet foods to avoid)

Is Wheat the Devil that It’s Made out to Be in Wheat Belly? I’ve been getting lots of questions lately from clients, friends, twitter friends about wheat, and what I think about Wheat Belly and the wheat belly diet foods.  Wheat belly, as I’m sure most of you know by now is the bestselling book […]

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How to Balance Hormones With Diet and Exercise-What You Can Do NOW!

Hormones and Your Fat Cells I tweeted a very interesting article yesterday that was about a recent study published in the prestigious Journal of Internal Medicine, about how what you eat and how you exercise can actually CHANGE what hormones your body makes, and more specifically, how much of on hormone called leptin in relation […]

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How Eating Breakfast in the morning makes you Lose Weight..

    It amazes me how many people don’t eat breakfast, or when they do, they eat the wrong thing–which can actually be even WORSE than skipping breakfast alltogether.  I find my breakfast choices fluctuate depending on where I am, what my mood is like, what time of year it is, and whether I start […]

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Can’t lose Weight? The science behind making weight loss work.

Are you fed up with fighting to maintain a healthy weight, or still struggling to get off even a few extra pounds that just seem to ‘hang on’ despite you doing everything you possibly can to shed them?? If the answer is yes and you can’t lose weight or maintain it easily, you are like […]

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Practical Advice about Sugar: The good, the bad and the evil

Practical Sugar Tips For the average busy  professional woman, the idea of a No-Sugar Diet is just not realistic.  For starters, what does ‘sugar’ actually mean: just the white refined stuff, or any sweetener that has calories??  I am not suggesting you eliminate sugar completely from your diet, but I want to give you simple […]

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