Common Digestive Problems and How to End Them

  In this video, I’ll tell you why digestive problems don’t just affect your belly but your overall health including your mental and emotional health and what to do to get back on track feeling happy and healthy. In every major traditional medicine system, such as taoism, Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, digestion is the most important […]

The Food of the Gods: Noni Juice Benefits & How To Make Noni Juice

I’m bringing back this Video that was shot at our home in Bali last year talking about noni juice benefits and how to make noni juice because I’ve recently had lots of questions about Noni and yesterday one of my good friends, who is currently in Bali on a photo assignment became ill with ‘Bali […]

The Motivation Secret: Emotional Habits Of Successful Weight Loss

It’s impossible to rationally convince someone to get ‘motivated’-Emotion is the only true ‘intrinsic’ motivator for humans! What do I mean by that? Well, most of us can relate to having a friend who we really want to help lose weight, or find the right kind of partner, but despite our best intentions to help […]

India’s Secret Superfoods: The Medicinal Plant Amla

India’s Best Kept Superfood Secret Since being in India, I’ve been on the search for the best kept secret local ‘superfood’ that is little known inn the West.  Here in Rajasthan, I’ve found it: the medicinal plant Amla!   I’ve been drinking the juice and eating the fruit right off the tree in front of my […]

The Best Foods To Eat To Prevent wrinkles

If you think spending a fortune on fancy face creams is your best defense against, think again!  The health and youthfulness of your skin is more that just skin deep–it starts from the INSIDE out!  So, I’m going to share the best foods to eat to prevent wrinkles!! Eating To Prevent Wrinkles A very common […]

How What You Eat Makes Your Taste Buds Change

If you’ve ever wondered why people who eat really ‘clean’ healthy diets often gush about Kale or raw ginger tasting so amazing, while you’re still not convinced?  It’s because what you eat affects you taste buds and how your brain responds to certain foods! That’s why it’s way harder at the beginning to cut out […]

Top 8 Juicing Recipes for Maximizing Detoxification Revealed

Juicing Vs. Juice Fasting Juicing and Juice fasting has become a major health ‘craze’ in the past few years, and I often work with clients who want to do a cleanse or green juice fast, and want to know if it’s safe for them, how to do it to get the most benefits and minimize […]

Wheat Belly–Is it All Hype (and wheat belly diet foods to avoid)

Is Wheat the Devil that It’s Made out to Be in Wheat Belly? I’ve been getting lots of questions lately from clients, friends, twitter friends about wheat, and what I think about Wheat Belly and the wheat belly diet foods.  Wheat belly, as I’m sure most of you know by now is the bestselling book […]