If you think spending a fortune on fancy face creams is your best defense against, think again!  The health and youthfulness of your skin is more that just skin deep–it starts from the INSIDE out!  So, I’m going to share the best foods to eat to prevent wrinkles!!

Eating To Prevent Wrinkles

A very common question I get from new clients is regarding my age, which is usually guessed at almost a decade younger than my actual age and it’s NOT due to superhuman genes, luxe face creams or any ‘work’ done–It’s because I do practice what I preach about eating and do yoga almost every day, including specific postures that are traditionally known as being ‘anti-aging.’ (if you want to know more, leave a comment below and I’ll share my secrets on the asana front too in a new post;)  So in this video, I’m sharing my top ‘anti-wrinkle’ foods to keep you looking great from the inside out!

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