CBD v THC: The difference between THC and CBD

CBD v THC: The difference between THC and CBD THC v CND: today we’re gonna be talking about the difference between CBD and THC let’s get to the bottom of it get the big words out of the way and just tell you in plain English what it actually means for you okay so let’s […]

Why Giving Less Of A F*ck Is Good For Your Brain

We all know that the list of things that can give us cancer, make us sad and cause every medical symptom you can think of is growing all the time. And sometimes it’s just not possible or healthy to worry about all of it. In fact, sometimes the healthiest thing to do is try to […]

3 Common Causes of Stomach Pain

In this video I will tell you about the most common causes of stomach pain resulting from eating when your nervous system is in fight or flight mode, and what you can do to stop it. Eating before you are fully awake, or after sitting all day with no exercise causes your digestive system to […]