“Am I burned out” is a question I get asked alot. Emotional Burnout, or ‘EBO’ as I call it, is so scarily common in modern life, but just because it’s so common doesn’t make it ‘normal’ and it Definitely Doesn’t Mean You Have to Stay Suffering!  Are you suffering from burnout? The first step is finding out if you are suffering from EBO without knowing it using the ‘Am I burned out quiz.’

Are You In Emotional Burnout Territory? Take ‘The Am I Burned Out Quiz’

  1. When someone asks you how your week was, your usual response includes the word ‘stressful’ as primary adjective. Y/N
  2. You Often feel overwhelmed by the amount of tasks you need to accomplish in a 24 hour period and if had to choose a superpower, would choose having ability to stop time OR ability to clone yourself to be in multiple places at once. Y/N
  3. On a typical Sunday, just thinking about your week and the tasks ahead makes you feel anxious or worried or in need of a glass of wine. Y/N
  4. During the week, you rarely have the energy to get the gym unless some form of caffeine or energy drink is involved–that is, if you get out of work early enough to even consider anything besides eating and sleep. Y/N
  5. You are usually too tired to have sex with your partner, even though in theory this is one of your favourite activities. Y/N
  6. You frequently have difficulty falling sleep, turning of your thoughts at night in bed, or wake up in the wee hours of morning starving for carbs. Y/N

What Your Burnout Score Says About You…

0 ‘Yes’ Answers:

Congrats!  You are managing stress well and not at risk currently from EBO.  You likely have in place at least one effective coping mechanism in your life already!  If you want 1 more option, you can click here for a free downloadable relaxation recording to keep it going!

1 ‘Yes’ Answer:

You may be at risk of EBO, but are ‘keeping your head above water.’  This is the perfect time to start a daily MindBody practice to tip things in the right directions, as any stressful event  could send you sailing into EBO territory in the future.  Click here to get started!

2 or More ‘Yes’ Answers:

If You Answered yes to 2 or more above, you are in serious Risk of ‘EBO’ in the near future.  The good news: you did this quiz and can start changing your fate TODAY to feel energized, happier and sleep like a baby.  The first step in Banishing EBO is setting aside 15 minutes every evening to unwind and start a daily relaxation practice to start chaining your brain and get you out of flight or flight mode and Emotional Burnout Territory.  This can be gentle yoga or meditation.  If the thought of meditating bores you to pieces, the best way to state is with a guided recording.  You can download a free one from AskDrDani resident clinical hypnotherapist Nick Cole HERE.

Coming soon on AskDrDani TV: yoga for beginners (another great way to jump start your daily relaxation routine PLUS get fit in under 30 minutes a day;)
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