Meet Dr Dani


Dr Gordon is a London based double board certified medical doctor and world leading authority in Integrative and Cannabinoid Medicine.

She is considered the UK’s most experienced cannabis clinician having trained many of the UK’s cannabis doctors and treated 1000s of patients with medical cannabis with over a decade of clinical experience in integrative & cannabinoid medicine for the treatment of chronic illness.

She has spoken at the UN, delivered medical cannabis practice recommendations to Downing Street, is a Founding member and current vice-chair of the UK Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society, Policy Advisor for the Conservative Drug Policy Reform Group and has been featured in the Sunday Times, The Guardian, BBC News, Channel 4, Vogue and Marie Claire.

Clinic Medical Director

She is the medical director and founder of The London Resilience Clinic, a medical clinic specializing in treating complex chronic conditions with multiple symptoms such as fatigue, cognitive dysfunction, pain & mental health.

The clinic treatment programs combine prescribed drugs, botanical medicines,  supplements and medical cannabis with functional medicine testing, therapeutic diets and mindbody medicine programs.

Author and Writer

Dr. Gordon is an international multi-book author with Hachette UK, US and Harper Collins Canada with her books having been translated into multiple foreign languages.  She has also been featured in Vogue, Marie Claire, The Guardian, Fast Company and many other publications.


CBD Bible_Dr Dani Gordon

A comprehensive, easy to read guide to cannabis & CBD that offers up to date evidence and practical tips for its specific uses in anxiety, depression, pain, insomnia, burnout, women's health, neurology and many other conditions based on Dr. Gordon’s extensive clinical experience treating patients, along with her personal and patient stories.

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The Resilience Blueprint

You're never too unhealthy, too tired or too late to become the most dynamic, energetic and resilient version of yourself. Often we are resilient in one area, such as never catching colds, but not in another, like constantly feeling overwhelmed, tired or anxious. That's because each of us has a resilience type. Find out if you're a highly strung WOUND-UP WARRIOR, an emotional MOODY WARRIOR, a drained EXHAUSTED WARRIOR, or an easily distracted SCATTERED WARRIOR. Dr. Gordon guides you to identify your personal resilience type, and then offers all the scientifically backed health advice you need to put her transformative 8-week resilience programme for your type into action, based on her clinical work with her patients.

UN 2020_Dr Dani Gordon
Speaking at the United Nations 2020
10 Downing St_Dr Dani Gordon
Taking Medical Cannabis Recommendations to 10 Downing Street
BBC_Dr Dani Gordon
On BBC One 'Inside Out' Show
Royal College of GP_Dr Dani Gordon
Royal College of GPs
Cannabis Europa 2022
Cannabis Europa 2022