Gaining Control over IBS and Taking CONTROL BACK over your LIFE!

Do you feel like your IBS and IBS symptoms have caused you to feel OUT OF CONTROL of your LIFE?  Has your SOCIAL LIFE, WORK, or SLEEP suffered because of your IBS?

IBS causes a HUGE disruption in daily life and can be very debilitating for many people, and often people have gone to see a family doctor or specialist and been told their is ‘nothing anatomically wrong’ and that they ‘don’t need to worry.’  However well-meaning this advice may have been, it leads to people who suffer from IBS to LOSE HOPE that they are going to get well and it can be very stressful and DEPRESSING!  Irritable bowel Syndrome is a chronic type of functional abdominal pain.  Functional abdominal pain means that there are no imaging tests  or blood tests to see with the eye or under a microscope if you were to look at the gut lining, any ‘anatomical’ reason to explain the symptoms of IBS.  It is the function of the gut that is disturbed, but because it is more subtle than the ‘tools’ of modern diagnostics in western medicine, it is often called a functional illness, or a kind of functional abdominal pain.

A Holistic Approach without drugs..

A many-layered holistic approach is the only way to Gain Control over IBS.  The best part is–it’s all about YOU and what YOU can do with the right tools–no complicated restrictive diets (although eating healthy is super important here!) or drugs with names you can’t pronounce.
The Holistic treatment of IBS is also about finding your main IBS triggers, such as stress, foods, gut bacteria imbalances, etc.  The information on this website will help you navigate your IBS and IBS symptoms to uncover your triggers.  Feeling overwhelmed?  I am provide individual consultations on IBS and IBS treatment plans via Skype.

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