How to Stop Negative Thoughts & the Negativity Bias: Getting ‘Unstuck’ from Negative Thinking

Have you ever wondered why it  is harder to ‘shake off’ a failure or getting bad news even if you have good stuff happen to you on the same day? And if why you’re having an awesome day and then one bad thing happens that things tend to look a lot less rosy all of […]

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How To Stop Stress & Enter Your Brain’s FLOW State

If you are a normal human who juggles work, friends, social life, fitness and me time, you are no stranger to stress and the occasional self doubt episode when feeling overwhelmed makes you question, like your WHOLE LIFE PLAN!    And living in the modern world with a constant ‘background noise of daily mental threats’ our […]

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Juice Fasting: Benefits, Myths & Dangers

If you are considering doing a juice fast because you have heard rave reviews from friends or been recommended this as a solution to get more energy, there are 5 key questions to ask yourself to make sure that doing a juice fast won’t make you feel worse!  It’s all about understanding what actually happens in […]

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Stress Symptoms In Women: How To Stop Running On Empty & Relying On Caffeine To Deal With Stress

One of the biggest issues I have found working with high achieving women that effects their health and happiness is what I call ‘Running on Empty.’ This is one of the biggest signs and symptoms of stress in women.      Now, modern women have to juggle jobs, home life, usually have the lions share of house keeping […]

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Caffeine Overdose, Addiction & Coffee and Stress: How Much Is Too Much?

Let me me start by telling you one of my secrets: I love great coffee.  And I split my time between two amazing ‘coffee culture ‘ place of Vancouver Canada and Bali.    But here’s the thing, I am ALSO pretty darn caffeine sensitive, so that means I have to drastically limit my coffee intake, especially in […]

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