Can You Do Yoga Inversions During Your Period & Yoga For PMS Cramps

This week’s episode is one for the ladies, because I often get asked these questions- “Dr Dani, can you do yoga inversions during your period?” and “does it help to do yoga for PMS cramps?”. Today in AskDrDani TV we’re talking all about yoga, periods and PMS and whether you should do headstands and inversions […]

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Nature’s Best Kept Secret: The Positive Health Benefits of Negative Ions

If you want to get more energy, give your immune system a little boost and just FEEL BETTER, than this is the episode for you, because I’m going to take you to my favorite waterfall that was my ‘go to’ spot while in the Himalayas to recharge (and cool down from the 45 Degree C […]

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Medical Benefits Of Meditation Video From Beatles Ashram India!

I’m So Super Excited to share this with you! This is the official first episode of AskDrDani TV, where every Thursday I’m going to be giving you a show telling you simple ways to bust stress, get fit and increase your happiness factor, all with simple stuff that takes just a few minutes, so you […]

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