My Tummy Travel Disaster & the Local Natural Medicine Cure that Saved Me: Bael Fruit Benefits

I recently had the unfortunate but almost inevitable (if eating and drinking the local food) experience of getting gastroenteritis here in India, after giving in to multiple glasses of chai on the roadside in a rural village with some new friends (which is made with local water that evidently wasn’t boiled quite enough for my […]

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The Motivation Secret: Emotional Habits Of Successful Weight Loss

It’s impossible to rationally convince someone to get ‘motivated’-Emotion is the only true ‘intrinsic’ motivator for humans! What do I mean by that? Well, most of us can relate to having a friend who we really want to help lose weight, or find the right kind of partner, but despite our best intentions to help […]

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Stop Getting Sick All The Time By Finding your MindBody Type or Dosha

I keep getting the question “how do I stop getting sick all the time?” or “why do I always get a cold or get sick or ‘rundown’ when the season or the weather changes?”  Western medicine doesn’t have a good explanation for this ‘seasonal affect’ on the immune system, but for millennia, the Indian science […]

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India’s Secret Superfoods: The Medicinal Plant Amla

India’s Best Kept Superfood Secret Since being in India, I’ve been on the search for the best kept secret local ‘superfood’ that is little known inn the West.  Here in Rajasthan, I’ve found it: the medicinal plant Amla!   I’ve been drinking the juice and eating the fruit right off the tree in front of my […]

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Gluten Free Sweets From India You Have to Try (esp. if you’re Celiac or Gluten Intolerant)

Gluten Free Sweets From India! Indian sweets are a great alternative for a sweet treat for those of you who can’t eat wheat, whether it’s because you are celiac or gluten intolerant, like with IBS.  That’s because most of them are made with lentil flour, not wheat!  And although these gluten free sweets are high […]

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The Best Foods To Eat To Prevent wrinkles

If you think spending a fortune on fancy face creams is your best defense against, think again!  The health and youthfulness of your skin is more that just skin deep–it starts from the INSIDE out!  So, I’m going to share the best foods to eat to prevent wrinkles!! Eating To Prevent Wrinkles A very common […]

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Does Stress Make PMS Worse? Yes, And Here’s What To Do About It..

I often get asked “Dr Dani, does stress make PMS worse?”. Well, if you suffer like many woman from bad PMS, both the physical stuff (feeling bloated, tender, headachey, tired etc) AND the emotional stuff (more sensitive, more irritable, get ‘teary’ more easily) it can really make you dread ‘that time of the month.” How […]

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