Why Smiling is Your Secret Weapon to Making More ‘Happy Hormones’!

Why does smiling Matter if You’re not Feeling it?? Have you ever wondered if Smiling may make you happier??  Because the action of smiling is linked to brain pathways of feeling good, smiling may actually make you feel happier, even if you don’t feel like cracking a smile at the time.  One really cool research […]

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One of the Best Ways to Help Insomnia: Avoiding Electronic Screens at Night

If you are like me and you work online, or you’re addicted (I’m guilty too lol;) to social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc and you are looking at screens in the evening, than you really need to watch this video because all this screen time can wreak some MAJOR havoc on your sleep!  Even […]

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How New Stem Cell Research Will Impact Treatment of Retinal Disease in 2013!

This video came from a direct request for this topic from a client (proof that if you ask, I will respond to you in a video as soon as I can;) If you have a history of eye disease, and specifically retinal disease in your family, than this is exciting new information you need to […]

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Healing Breath: The Relaxation Response Technique You Need to Know to Bust Stress Instantly!

I’m Bringing back our Healing Breath Video because it continues to be an ALL-Time favorite among my clients and readers, and it really is a super easy, quick and simple way to activate your body’s Relaxation Response. The Relaxation Response is an actual physiologic state our bodies are capable of–just like our body’s “Fight or […]

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