How Eating Breakfast in the morning makes you Lose Weight..

    It amazes me how many people don’t eat breakfast, or when they do, they eat the wrong thing–which can actually be even WORSE than skipping breakfast alltogether.  I find my breakfast choices fluctuate depending on where I am, what my mood is like, what time of year it is, and whether I start […]

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My Top 2 IBS Herbs to Banish Pain and Constipation

Working with IBS sufferers, one of the most painful and stressful symptoms of IBS is the crampy, ‘spasm’ pain,  and this symptom is not well treated by drugs.  But, as multiple studies have now proven to be true, peppermint oil pills can be really helpful for this symptom, and I’ve seen complete elimination of the […]

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IBS Stress- How Stress Affects IBS

Video Transcript Stress can affect The bowel’s ability to move material through the intestines smoothly, leading to problems with food moving too quickly or two slowly and the muscles that move food in the gut not working together properly, creating spasms. Although initially it may be hard to believe that stress can actually make such […]

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Probiotics For IBS

Video Transcript Our gut, or intestines, has a rich environment filled with hundreds of different species of ‘good bacteria.‘  Before we are born, our digestive tract is sterile, meaning it has no bacteria.  When we are born, good bugs, called our ‘flora’ start to enter the gut and set up shop and begin to multiply […]

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Dr Dani’s IBS Diet Part 3- Eating For IBS

Video Transcript The latest IBS research including a 2011 Review in Gastroenterology Clinics of North America,  shows that foods and food intolerance play a central role in the pathogenesis of IBS.  Pathogenesis is a fancy word meaning the development and perpetuation of an illness.  Many patients who cut out foods that commonly cause food intolerance […]

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Dr Dani’s IBS Diet Part 2- IBS Foods To Avoid

Video Transcript In this video, I am going to focus on gut irritating foods. Gut irritating foods are things that irritate the gut in most people– these things can cause some belly upset, discomfort, and bloating, even in people WITHOUT IBS , SO, It makes sense then that if people with IBS will be even more sensitive to these foods and ingredients and these items will probably be IBS triggers. Some foods and ingredients are irritating because they take lots of digestive power and enzymes to digest, whereas other things on this list are acidic or spicy and can cause inflammation or swelling in the gut lining or  our ‘skin on the inside’ that lines our digestive tract. Here is my list of the most Common Gut irritating foods and substances in IBS ●Fried food such as french fries, chips, fried meat or chicken, etc ●High fat foods (especially animal fats like burgers and bacon) […]

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Dr Dani’s IBS Diet Part 1- Foods To Avoid With IBS

Video Transcript So, How do irritable bowel syndrome symptoms relate to foods, drinks and substances consumed? Years of field research by nutritionists and dietitians and recent research studies, have proven that there is a definite link between certain foods, substances and IBS symptoms There are two different ways that foods can be ‘IBS triggers,’ and […]

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