Can’t lose Weight? The science behind making weight loss work.

Are you fed up with fighting to maintain a healthy weight, or still struggling to get off even a few extra pounds that just seem to ‘hang on’ despite you doing everything you possibly can to shed them?? If the answer is yes and you can’t lose weight or maintain it easily, you are like […]

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Mind-Body Loew TH, Sohn R, Martus P, et al. Functional relaxation as a somatopsychotherapeutic intervention: A prospective con- trolled study. Altern Ther Health Med 2000;6:70–75. Boyce et al. A randomized controlled trial of cognitive behavior therapy, relaxation training, and routine clinical care for the irritable bowel syndrome. American Journal of Gastroenterolgoy. 2003; 98(10): 2209-18. Functional […]

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Tests for IBS

Are there Tests for IBS?  Irritable bowel syndrome symptoms and diagnosis Often one of the most common questions clients with IBS ask me on their first meeting is why has my doctor ordered so many scopes, imaging tests, and bloodwork, and if there are actually tests for IBS?  All of these investigations before giving the […]

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